Photo © 2004 by David Young. Hand-held using Leica R8 with 400mm f6.8 & 2x converter.

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The Leica Reflex Forum is for those who love Leica Reflex Cameras.   

We recognize that Leica invented the 35mm camera in 1923 and that most of their production
since has been of their superb rangefinder models.  However, Leica also build some of the
world's finest reflex cameras,  from the Leicafles, throught the SL & SL2, R3 up to the R9
and the DM-R, as well as the new S-series.
While discussion of anything Leica (film or digital)
is welcome here, with the discontinuation of the "R" Series, by Leica, discussion
has broadened to include the use of Leica (and other) glass on a variety
of digital camers, including Nikon, Canon, Sony NeX, Olympus, Fuji
and more; as well as the photographs we take with them.

This is a very polite, low-volume list, with a high signal-to-noise ratio,
where owners of  cameras of most any make are welcome.

It is a world-wide list, and although English is the usual language, do not
be surprised to see small amounts of other languages appear!

If you own, or simply appreciate Leica cameras & glass, then this is the list for you!

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Frequently Asked Question's

Andrew Nemeth has compiled one of the world's most comprehensive
 Leica Camera & lens FAQs. Over a hundred articles; thousands of links;
an emphasis on everyday usage rather than arcane lens-fussing or collector trivia.
It can be found at:  http://leica.nemeng.com/

Instruction Manuals

If you require an owners manual an older model Leica you'll likely find it by
 going to:  www.main.furnfeather.net  and then clicking on
the "Leica Instruction Manuals" link on the lower left.
Archives :
The archives have a remarkable advantage over most.  You can search for a keyword, or
browse by month, indexed by date or by subject thread.  Very nice!
A searchable archive of the Leica Reflex Forum can be found at
http://www.freelists.org/archives/leicareflex/ or simply click  here.

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